Functional and Performance Testing

While GUI functional testing is crucial to make sure that your site is working as expected, it won’t be able to show you how your site functions under load. You need to run GUI functional tests together with performance tests to get a full picture of how your site UX is performing under load.

With TestWheel, you can run all the commands that your browser sends at the same time it creates a JMeter and Selenium script, and need to upload it to TestWheel, where you can execute the tests with a single click.

Functional and Performance Testing Tool

What is Functional Testing

Functional Testing is the process to test the functionality of software applications such as missing features, incorrect calculations, security vulnerabilities or performance issues. Based on the user’s application functionality requirement we provide the input test in order to get the expected output. Generally, this type of testing involves black box testing, and it is unconcerned about source code or structure.

TestWheel’ s automated functional testing will reduce the time of testing and simplifies the testing process easily.

Explore Functional Testing

Explains about what is Functional Testing
End to End Testing Tool

End-to-End Cloud-Based Functional Testing Solutions

TestWheel is a unique cloud-based testing application that offers an E2E testing feature. Our cloud-based testing scenario avoids the installation of desktop and Windows applications on every test machine and offers a seamless functional testing experience. Our application not only offers the UI and UX of web applications but also users can access databases, Excel sheets, PDF files, APIs, and much more. Our team of engineers designed our application to handle unique and complex test cases that provide enormous benefits for users.

Advantages of TestWheel’s Functional Testing


Script-less Test Automation

TestWheel’s Functional Testing reduces the manual technical process solves the more complex scripting language and helps with the easy-going testing process. Users can create and modify tests by simply drag and drop action.


Use Selenium Scripts Easily

Run all your existing Selenium test suites on TestWheel - all you need to do is change a single line of code. With TestWheel you can test your front end under load in the cloud and scale your virtual users. Combined reporting allows you to quickly pinpoint problems, with TestWheel, you’ll be testing in minutes.


One Platform, Multiple Options

TestWheel effortlessly runs functional tests and uses our more premium features to get effective output. With this single testing platform, we provide a wide range of versatile testing solutions.


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