Execute Seamless Test Automation with TestWheel Recorder

TestWheel recorder simplifies the creation of test scripts for web applications, enabling users to generate and export the test scripts effortlessly to TestWheel, without any coding expertise. Our intuitive recorder offers codeless testing experience, allowing easy modification of test data as needed. This feature is ideal for testing professionals and organizations seeking to enhance productivity and efficiency in their testing processes.


Intuitive Recording

Our intuitive recording feature comprehensively captures every interaction performed on the web page and its elements. This feature bypasses the complexity of creating test scripts and saves the testers valuable time.

One Time Set-up

Enhanced Editability

The exported test script allows elements to be edited and assertions to be modified. This editable feature in the recorder helps create tailored testing scripts that perfectly align with the requirements.


Seamless Execution

The TestWheel automation testing platform automatically executes the test suite and generates reports with insights into the test results. These reports help the developers and testers to plan further development activities and ensure consistency in testing process.

How TestWheel Recorder Works in TestWheel Platform

Our intelligent recording feature in TestWheel works with zero complications by following simple steps.

Benefits of TestWheel Recorder for Test Automation

TestWheel recorder benefits are not limited to certain industries. It was designed for global usage and drives the growth of all sizes of businesses. Whether individuals, startups, small, medium, or large corporations, the TestWheel recorder empowers them to thrive and succeed.

Cloud-based API Testing Tool

Benefits for Enterprises

  • No Coding Required: As the recorder functions entirely based on visual interaction, coding knowledge is not required. With minimal coding knowledge, anyone utilizes the recorder and generates the test script for an efficient test run. Enterprises save the huge amount of cost that is spent on resources.
  • Quick Releases: By leveraging the TestWheel recorder, enterprises do releases as per the designed plan. Our cloud-based test automation fosters the testing process, and it is flexible to gear up any test cases. This data-driven approach quickly brings your products to the market and keeps you ahead of the competition.
  • Reduce Maintenance: Visually interacting with web elements and generating test scripts provides more accuracy and reliability compared to manually generating. This immensely reduces the maintenance of test scripts which can be easily updated whenever required.
  • Safe and Secure: Our automation testing platform and recorder are specifically designed for enterprises, we always ensure that the data are encrypted and prohibit unauthorized access. We safeguard sensitive data such as usernames, passwords, and other personal information.

Benefits for Testing Professionals

  • Simplified Workflow: TestWheel's recorder simplifies testing, freeing professionals from complex script creation and enabling them to focus on other tasks with energy and confidence.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Testing teams streamline their testing process efficiently and extend their testing capabilities with our intelligent test recorder. Since the manual intervention is less, it minimizes the time consumed for creating test scripts for complex scenarios and increases productivity.
  • Tailored Test Script: Often testers are required to update or modify the test script based on the changes in the development. In that case, the recorded and saved test script could be edited easily and updated to meet the specified requirements.
Automated Functional Testing Tool

We believe testing should be smart, simple, and effective.

Test Recorder and Self-Healing Mechanism
A Dual Power Automation Testing

With TestWheel dual power combo, organizations can effortlessly deliver high-standard web applications in the ever-changing competitive landscape. The recorder and self-healing mechanism provide double efficiency to the developers and testers to streamline the product developing workflow and make the releases on time. Our intuitive user-friendly interface, instantaneous actions, and comprehensive testing potential align with your process and guarantee you develop a quality assured software application.

Frequently Ask Questions

A test recorder in software testing is a tool that assists in generating the test script without using code. It meticulously records the user interaction with the web elements and generates the test script effortlessly.
Yes, TestWheel provides users with the flexibility to edit and modify recorded test scripts as per their requirements.
No, the TestWheel recorder doesn't have a playback option. Users generate the test script and directly export it to the TestWheel platform.
Like other testing recorders, TestWheel does not require complex setup and configurations. TestWheel is easy to set up. Download and install from the chrome web store, log in to TestWheel, and use the extension to start recording sessions.
TestWheel recorder provides reliable testing solutions for businesses, QA testers, and individuals worldwide.
Users can be able to record upto15 mins. After then, the TestWheel platform session automatically expired.

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