Cloud Based Automated Testing Framework

TestWheelTM is an evolutionary cloud based test automation solution which aids in achieving both structured manual and automated tests in parallel. Script-less Automated Testing TestWheelTM starts right from the development unit test. TestWheel' assiduous approach towards automated testing brings you a quality outcome. TestWheelTM offers users the following powers of web automation framework to enhance the experience using cloud computing. Automation Framework Tool of TestWheelTM covers the entire test cycle of an enterprise' web and mobile application. Along with test run environment, we do Plan, Build and Run your test. Our automated testing service aims at improving the client' web and mobile application by reducing human effort and time Build and Run your test.

Benefits of TestWheel Automation Software Testing Tool

Why you need Test Wheel services? TestWheelTM automation tool provides you several benefits over the traditional test automation tools. Check out what you get from TestWheel

  • ●  Cost Effective: TestWheelTM cloud based automation tool is less expensive and you pay as per your testing requirements.
  • ●  Better Virtualization: TestWheelTM brings you the benefits of virtualization which makes the automated software testing more efficient.
  • ●  Update your tests: With little updates, TestWheelTM lets the user run the test repeatedly throughout the progress.
  • ●  Script-less Testing: Finding hard to run your scripts due to lack of hardware resources? We offer script-less testing.
  • ●  User Friendly: Our automated testing framework is user-friendly and all developers can use the tool for all sorts of testing.
  • ●  Easy Collaboration: TestWheelTM automation tool makes it possible to collaborate with each other though the team is spread across.
  • ●  Automated Test Summary Report: TestWheelTM provides you with automated summary report; delivers all the test case and test results at the end of testing.
  • ●  Reduced Time & Effort: Cloud based tools cut down lots of IT related management activities and are fully automated which reduces human effort and time.
  • ●  Rapid Testing: TestWheelTM offers quick set up as this automation testing tool is not hardware or software specific thereby there is minimal or no downtime during upgrades.
  • ●  One time set-up: TestWheelTM deals with single set-up and documentation, which can be tested under multiple scenarios with little updates.

Try TestWheelTM solution at testwheel.com and we ensure to take you to the next level of Automated Testing Solution, Services, Infrastructure and platform on cloud; and on premises. Script-less automated tests comes with high industry standard framework in less time and resource dynamically.

Why TestWheelTM? TestWheelTM gives you the automated tests with industry standard framework with less time and without man power. TestWheelTM resources dynamically and with no scripting.

Our perfect Plan, Build and Run procedure automates the tests from planning to building and running the application at a lightning speed. TestWheelTM supports automating major aspects of a test project including generating Test case, Requirement Traceability Matrix, Test Data generation and Test Execution.