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Experience the excellence of Software quality precision with our automation testing solutions. Our End-to-End codeless testing platform resolves complex workflows in Web and Mobile applications offering seamless quality assurance.

Functional Testing

Automated Functional testing validates the functional requirements of software application and its performance under various scenarios

Automated Functional Testing

Functional Testing
API Testing

API Testing

Enhance your testing process quickly with our cloud-based API testing platform which facilitates running, testing, and generating reports easily from anywhere.

Automated API Testing

Mobile Testing

Our Mobile testing platform involves analysis of Mobile app performance and identifying glitches and bugs effortlessly and providing guaranteed results.

Automated Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing
Load Testing

Performance | Load Testing

We designed our tool to simulate real-world scenarios and ensures it can handle any amount of traffic and optimize the load times.

Automated Performance Testing

“Cross Browser Testing

Comprehensive Cross Browser Testing

  • Test across all browsers and ensure it is easily accessible by all users.
  • With TestWheel Analyze the website performance, compatibility, and behavior when accessing through different kinds of browsers easily.
  • Our automated browser testing increases the accuracy of the testing process and reduces the human error rate.
  • Effectively reduce the manual testing cost with TestWheel’s automation testing process.
  • Our user-friendly testing platform allows users to customize the testing process according to their specific needs.

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Benefits of TestWheel Automation Software Testing Tool

Why TestWheel? TestWheel gives you the automated tests with industry standard framework with less time and without man power.TestWheel resources dynamically and with no scripting.


Cost Effective

We provide high-quality testing solutions with optimized cost that suits small to large-scale businesses. Our automation tool is the best choice for those with limited resources.

One Time Set-up

One Time Set-up

With one-time setup and documentation, TestWheel offers tests under multiple scenarios with minimal adjustments. Save time and effort and ensure reliable testing across various scenarios.



With innovative self-healing technology, TestWheel automatically detects and fixes the bugs during testing phase, which ensures the flawless application execution.

User Friendly

User Friendly

Our automated testing framework is user-friendly and can be used by all developers for various types of testing, regardless of their level of experience with automated testing tools.

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Innovative Testing Automation Solution for Cloud Applications

To sustain the competitive market, businesses are transforming into cloud-based applications for continuous growth and success. However, achieving reliability and performance on cloud applications is a challenging one. With our innovative testing solutions, businesses can enhance their productivity and ensure the accuracy of cloud applications.


Seamless Integration

TestWheel supports the most popular platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Slack, and more for seamless integration in development environments.

Auto Capture

All-Inclusive Report

We provide comprehensive reports and analytics that help to measure the performance and quality of your cloud application.

Run Locally

Automated Testing

Amplify the testing process with our automated regression testing and load testing which ensures the accuracy of the testing process.

How does TestWheel Automation Testing tool Works?

Our perfect Plan, Build and Run procedure automates the tests from planning to building and running the application at a lightning speed. TestWheel supports automating major aspects of a test project including generating Test case, Requirement Traceability Matrix, Test Data generation and Test Execution.



  • Configure Test Properties
  • Configure AUT UI Elements
  • Configure Test Scenarios and Data
  • Configure Test Workflow



  • Generate Framework Libraries
  • Generate Test Data Dynamically if needed



  • TestWheel Run
  • Report the result –Planning Report, Test Run Report, Test Summary Report

TestWheel Automation Testing Tool Services

Accelerate Your Business Growth with TestWheel’s Cloud-Based API Testing

TestWheel is a powerful tool that helps to accelerate your business growth with API (Application Programming Interface) testing solution. No more worries about the complexity of the software development cycle, our platform provides you with extensive solutions and drives efficiency in your application. As the benefit of a cloud-based API testing platform, you can experience the smooth integration and effortlessly execute API testing, optimizing performance, and ensuring top-notch functionality of your applications.

Reduce the huge amount of time that is spent on discovering bugs. Our automated testing tool debugging and troubleshooting by identifying and resolving API issues early on. Effortlessly integrate APIs, optimize responses, handle complex scenarios effectively, and deliver your software application without any delays.

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Cloud-based API Testing Tool
Automated Functional Testing Tool

Improve Your Site’s Performance with Functional Testing

Functional Testing plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the application is performing as intended. However, it cannot provide insights on how your site performs under heavy loads. To get complete data on the user experience of your application, required to combine GUI functional tests with performance tests. TestWheel provides a powerful solution for both functional and performance testing. With TestWheel, users can effortlessly create the Selenium script.

By partnering with TestWheel, you can grow your business and ensure that your applications are tested for performance, reliability, and security.

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