Automated API Testing with TestWheel

API Testing process plays an important role in the software development life cycle. TestWheel provides the end-to-end uninterrupted automated testing process to ensure that the software applications are performing well. Our user-friendly platform allows to create test cases easily in just a few simple steps. Not only the testers, even the users who do not have coding knowledge also access our testing tool and perform the testing process seamlessly. Our customized and automated API call sequence features help to match the process workflow and encounter unexpected errors. So, do not wait so long sign up today and kill bugs without mercy!

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What is API Testing

API (Application Programming Interface) is the middle layer of software application development. Generally, applications have three layers such as data layer, service layer (API) and presentation layer (UI), API layer exchanges data across system and application. API testing is one of the essential testing practices that validates the functionality, performance, security, and reliability of software application. In this digital landscape businesses are marching towards automation testing to deliver the high-quality software application. At TestWheel, we understand the importance of API testing and provide cloud-based automation software testing tools that allow you to test your web applications from anywhere, without any delays.


TestWheel’s API Testing Feature Streamline Your Testing Process for High-Quality Software

API testing is a crucial software testing practice that tests the Application Programming Interface (API) directly for its reliability, performance, security, and functionality. It acts as the middle layer between the user interface and the database layer and enables communication and data exchange between different software systems. At TestWheel, we understand the importance of API testing and provide cloud-based automation software testing tools that allow you to test your web applications from anywhere, without any delays.

Simple Setup

Simple Setup, No Coding

Avoid the hassle of setting up environments and writing code. Just sign up and start automating API tests & validate responses with our intuitive UI.

API Sequences

Automate Your API Sequences

Customize & automate your API call sequences to match your application workflow and prevent encountering unexpected errors.

End-To-End Testing

Seamlessly Integrated End-To-End Testing

TestWheel unified, test automation platform allows you to bring Functional UI testing and API testing under one roof.


Reduction in issue detection and resolution in production.


or greater reduction in API test cycles


hours on average to train and on-board new TestWheel API Testing users

API Testing Advantages

Advantages of API Testing with TestWheel

Return, History of API can be used with different metrics, Assertion Validation, Authentication

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Rerunning Test Cases

The rerun feature in TestWheel allows users to access multiple runs of test cases, enabling them to verify responses efficiently. It helps users to validate failed tests, allow rerunning of similar test cases with slight differences in configurations, and can be able to execute in a particular environment.

Assertion Validation

TestWheel’s built-in assertion validation feature allows users to validate the API responses as expected values. With a pre-defined set of rules, users can check the metadata such as status codes, response headers, and response body.

Language Independent

The universally supported XML and JSON formats are used to exchange data in TestWheel’s API Testing process, which makes our tool language independent. This feature allows the developers to use any programming language for the testing process.

Faster Release

TestWheel’s Automate API testing saves enormous time and effort and helps the development team to do faster releases. This feature provides immediate feedback and helps to identify the issues quickly.

Scale automated API testing at speed with TestWheel

Automated API Testing Tool
  • Create REST API Tests using an intuitive user interface

    Effortlessly create API test cases with TestWheel’s user-friendly interface. All you need to do is enter the endpoint, choose your API method, add your header content, set your status code, and run the test.

  • Continuous Testing

    Our intuitive application allows users to validate APIs using different REST API methods (GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE). Either you can choose each method separately or compile tests for all methods.

  • Parameterized Testing

    Without changes in scripts, parameterized testing in TestWheel allows you to execute multiple tests using different values. You can automate the testing process by storing parameters in TestWheel data profiles.

  • Automatic Data Capture

    TestWheel gives you more control and flexibility over your tests by automatically capturing specific runtime data from your API responses to reuse in subsequent tests.

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