An Overview of the Cloud-Based Automation Testing Tool

TestWheel, the cloud-based automation testing tool designed to help you automate your testing procedures, reduce testing costs, and improve application quality. In this page, we will provide an overview of how TestWheel works and how it can benefit your organization.

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Start by setting up your environment

To start using TestWheel, you will need to set up your testing environment. This involves connecting your applications and devices to the TestWheel platform, selecting the testing scenarios you want to automate, and defining the testing parameters.


Select your testing scenarios

Once your environment is set up, you can start selecting the testing scenarios you want to automate. TestWheel supports a wide range of testing procedures, including manual testing, web application testing, mobile application testing, performance testing, and security testing. You can choose to automate all or some of these procedures, depending on your needs.


Build your tests

Once you have selected your testing scenarios, you can start building your tests. TestWheel provides a hybrid framework on the cloud that includes data-driven, keyword-driven, and UI object-driven testing based on the industry-standard Page Object model. This allows you to create tests quickly and easily, without the need for complex coding.


Execute your tests

Once your tests are built, you can start executing them. TestWheel provides a comprehensive suite of testing tools that allow you to run tests on multiple platforms, devices, and browsers, ensuring that your applications are thoroughly tested before release.


Analyse your results

Once your tests are complete, you can analyse the results to identify any issues or vulnerabilities in your applications. TestWheel provides detailed reports and insights that help you to identify the root cause of any issues and provide actionable insights for remediation.


Improve your testing procedures

Finally, TestWheel allows you to continuously improve your testing procedures by providing real-time feedback and insights into your testing process. This helps you to identify areas for improvement and make changes to your testing procedures to improve application quality and reduce testing costs.

Software Application

Testing Services for Software Applications

TestWheel's Agile Testing, DevOps testing, and Quality Assurance Services are designed to help clients improve the quality of their software and products, while reducing testing costs and time-to-market.

  • TestWheel's Agile Testing methodology involves experimentation and constant improvement of software, resulting in better quality builds. This approach prioritizes flexibility and adaptability, allowing for rapid changes to be made as needed throughout the development process
  • TestWheel's Development & Operations (DevOps) testing leverages the increased collaboration between development and operations teams to create a streamlined, efficient testing process. By integrating testing into the software development life cycle, TestWheel ensures that defects are detected and addressed early on, reducing the risk of costly delays and errors down the line.
  • The Quality Assurance Services offered by TestWheel are powered by a semantic system that incorporates numerous processes to evaluate software and products. This system includes rigorous testing methodologies, comprehensive reporting and analysis tools, and ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure that products and software services meet the highest standards of quality.
  • Our QA Experts who work closely with clients to identify potential issues and defects early in the development process, reducing the risk of costly delays and errors. By leveraging the expertise of our QA team, clients can be confident in the quality and reliability of their software and products.
Agile Testing

Agile Testing

DevOps Testing

DevOps Testing

QA Services

QA Services

Dedicated QA Expert

Dedicated QA Expert

Testing Services for Platform based Applications

TestWheel's Cloud-Based Solutions for Web Functional Test Automation, Mobile Application Functional Test Automation, Security Test Automation, and Test Design are designed to help clients improve the quality and reliability of their software and products.

  • Cloud-Based Solution for Web Functional Test Automation streamlines the repetitive aspects of automating web functional tests, producing results in a filtered and organized form. With this solution, you can efficiently and effectively test your web applications, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.
  • For Mobile Application Functional Test Automation, TestWheel's Cloud-Based Solution supports both manual and automated tests, enabling you to thoroughly test your mobile applications across a variety of platforms and devices. This solution ensures that mobile applications are thoroughly tested for functionality, usability, and performance, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Cloud-Based Solution for Security Test Automation provided by TestWheel helps you to protect your valuable data by detecting vulnerabilities and fixing them immediately. With this solution, we can assure that your applications are secure and protected from potential cyber threats.
  • Cloud-Based Solution for Test Design takes control of the testing process, creating all possible inputs and comparing actual outputs with expected outputs for accuracy. This solution enables you to efficiently design and execute tests, saving time and reducing testing costs.
Platform Application
Functional Test

Cloud Based Solution for Web Functional Test Automation

Mobile Application

Cloud Based Solution for Mobile Application Functional Test Automation

Performance Test

Cloud Based Solution for Performance Test Automation

Security Test

Cloud Based Solution for Security Test Automation

Test Design

Cloud Based Solution for Test Design

Software Application

Testing Services for Infrastructure

By leveraging TestWheel's testing solutions, businesses can benefit from improved application quality and reduced testing costs, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides virtualized computing resources that are managed through the internet, enabling instant access to hardware resources.
  • TestWheel's On-Demand Cloud-Based Testing Solutions include comprehensive test design and simulation features, which can be used to meet patchy and last-mile testing needs. These solutions provide a unique combination of automated, manual, and visual testing in a cloud-based lab, resulting in improved test results.
  • As a provider of best-in-class testing services and solutions, TestWheel offers end-to-end software testing services that are cloud-based and aid in saving time and money. TestWheel's testing services include cloud-based test automation services, which help to ensure software development projects are thoroughly tested.

Infrastructure as a Service

Testing Solutions

On Demand Cloud Based Testing Solutions


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