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At TestWheel, we understand the pivotal role of automation testing in the success of businesses across industries. With the rapid pace of technological evolution, ensuring software quality has become more critical than ever. Our cutting-edge Automation Testing Tool is designed to empower B2B enterprises like small, medium, and large corporates to streamline their testing processes, reduce errors, and accelerate time-to-market.

An astounding 55% of companies claimed to pursue automated testing strategies cite quality improvement, and 30% cite time to market as their primary driver and 42% of companies indicated that test automation is a key part of QA of companies have witnessed improved efficiency and reduced costs through automation testing.

Automation Testing

What is Automation Testing?

Automation testing is an approach to run the tests automatically with minimal human effort. Traditional or manual testing requires human resources to run the test cases by manually validating each feature and functionality of applications. The manual testing consumes more time and effort and there could also be mistakes arising.

Once the testers write the scripts, the automation testing tool interacts with the scripts and tests the whole module or application effortlessly. Also, if there are any changes or updates in scripts it automatically compares and updates the same.

Using automation tool saves overall cost, improves efficiency, detects the bugs quickly and reduces the number of executing test cases.

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How TestWheel Automation Testing Works

TestWheel Automation Testing works in simple four steps,

  • Application Creation: TestWheel simplifies testing by allowing easy creation of the application or module user want to test and naming it for identification.
  • Input/Document Upload: Effortlessly upload the required test scripts or excel documents to test. TestWheel allows diverse requirements for comprehensive testing.
  • Test Trigger: After completion of documents upload choose the scenarios and initiate the test trigger. TestWheel automation runs the test as per the defined specifications.
  • Report Generation: TestWheel generates a detailed test execution report that offers valuable insights of the testing process. The available report formats are PDF, image, and video recording.

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How TestWheel Automation Testing Tool Helps Businesses


Scalable Solutions

Our automation testing tool is suitable for all sizes of businesses (small, medium, and large) and provides tailored solutions in accordance with the requirements.


Reliability & Accuracy

Our advanced approach guarantees the application’s reliability and accuracy which helps to emphasis your business to ahead of competitors.


Time & Cost Efficiency

Businesses can significantly reduce time and cost through automation testing solutions and double their growth.


Personalized Support

Our team provides dedicated support through phone, E-mail and on premises to simplify the test setup process.

Why Choose TestWheel for Your Automation Testing

  • Test Case on Cloud: It’s not required to be a technically savvy person to use TestWheel. Anyone with minimal coding skills could efficiently run the test cases on cloud bases environment.
  • Seam-less Integration: Easily integrate JIRA and Azure platforms for smooth and efficient process. It helps to collaborate with teams and ensure the workflow's are synchronized.
  • Continuous Innovation: Our focus is always on implementing advanced technology and being aware of modern trends which helps to deliver enhanced services to businesses.

TestWheel Automation Testing

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TestWheel stands as the ally you need to conquer testing challenges in today's competitive landscape. Whether you're a startup striving for accuracy or a large enterprise aiming for efficiency, our Automation Testing Tool is your gateway to a robust, error-free software eco-system.

Join the league of successful businesses that have transformed their testing processes with TestWheel. Reach out to us for a personalized demo or consultation, and let’s embark on a journey towards flawless software quality together.

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