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Air Force Recruiting Information Support System - Total Force (AFRISS-TF) is a recruiting management and processing system developed by the Air Force Recruiting Service (AFRS) for use by all three US Air Force Components (AD, ANG, and AFR) and the US Space Force to process and manage recruits from lead to accession for all enlisted and some officer accessions programs (Officer Training School, Health Professionals, and Legal). This system is used by both recruiters in the field and higher-level management to collect, process, manage and analyze potential enlisted and officer applicants.

Use Case:

TestWheel framework provides us the mechanism to automatically create the test steps and cases from the test data and the same test cases are shared with multiple testers to execute the scripts for multiple environments. TestWheel API is integrated in our DevSecOps pipeline, automated test case is set trigger to run during build stage, any issues that are found during the automation is automatically updated into out bug tracking system. This framework helps us to identify the bugs in early stages of development and helps us attain greater code coverage.


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