Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS)



DPAS is a DoD property management system. It is the Accountable Property System of Record (APSR) for over 32 DoD Agencies and Military Services. DPAS provides (1) Accountability for the Real Property/Stewardship Land, Military property, Heritage Assets, Personal Property, Government Furnished Equipment (GFE), (2) Asset management capabilities such as Life cycle management, Inventory management- interfaces with latest technology scanners, Redistribution/Asset visibility, Maintenance and Utilization, Warehousing of Parts, Tools and Equipment Management, Authorized allowances, (3) Property financial reporting information such as Calculates depreciation based on asset type, Interface with accounting systems.

Use Case:

TestWheel provides the ability to have a suite of test cases that can be used to build and execute test plans tailored to User Acceptance Test (UAT) of DPAS system changes. TestWheel is used to automate testing normally accomplished ad hoc that is not specifically addressed in test scenarios provided by the DPAS developers. Accomplishing this testing will identify secondary issues caused by updates and allow the project team to focus on addressing the direct system changes. This saves up to 8 hours of time back to the team that can be leveraged in other areas such as updating guidebooks to reflect the system changes. Having TestWheel allows for a robust test plan for UAT and expands our capability of testing system changes.


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