Integrated Budget Documentation and Execution System (IDECS)



IDECS is used to develop and compile budgeting information for reporting to various governmental entities, such as, Office of the President of the United States, United States Congress and Senate, Secretary of the Department of Defense, and White House Office of Management and Budget. IDECS supports Planning, Programming, Budgeting, Execution (PPBE) (formerly Programming, Budgeting and Execution System (PPBS) used in the preparation of budget submissions, such as President's Budget (PB) and Budget Estimate Submission (BES). IDECS is used to build the Air Force (AF) budget documentation.

Use Case:

IDECS test engineers uses TestWheel automation tool to automate the functional and regression testing. TestWheel framework eliminates the need of maintaining test data, scripts in excel sheet format. Our testers are able to update the test scripts and test data in a web-based system and shares among them during testing stage. The test report created using TestWheel contains the screen shots of each page with test data and video play back feature captures full life cycle of test case execution on every test cycle. This tool reduces the test cycle from 2 weeks to 1 week.


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