National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)



eDOCS is NARA's electronic content management system for managing, editing, and making publicly available the legal documents required to be published within the Federal Register system. This application tracks all documents from receipt at the OFR through delivery to the GPO and maintains them for archival purposes.

The system provides electronic

Use Case:

TestWheel automation is used in the NARA's eDocs application to test the full workflow of the application. The purpose of eDocs is to pass documents received from different government agencies through various workflow queues in the eDocs. TestWheel automation framework is integrated within our test life cycle to provide continuous integration and continuous delivery for eDocs application. The tool provides support to test all the workflow scenarios as the workflow changes are frequently updated to ensure the application is working as expected. After each deployment of application changes and installation of Windows updates patches, TestWheel automation is executed in production to make sure the application is functioning. This automated test helps us to identify if any functionality did not work as expected. The overall testing for eDocs takes around 15 minutes to get completed. Once the testing is completed, the business users are notified via email with execution results. The tool eliminates a need for a dedicated tester and integrates seamlessly with our CI/CD process.


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